make yourself stronger than your excuses

April 22, 2013

I get it. We all get it. It is easier to make excuses than to actually do something. I hear it all the time: I’m too busy, I’m too tired, I’m maxed out, I don’t have enough time, I just want to relax the second I get a moment to myself. Listen, I have been […]

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avocado salsa you will die for

April 21, 2013

My friend, Kelly, loves to cook and bake, and is always trying to find the best recipes for everything. She loves avocados, probably more than I do, which is hard to believe! I know you will absolutely love what I now call her Kelly’s Famous Avocado Salsa. Ingredients: 3 Hass Avocado’s (ripe) 1 box of […]

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the key to opening your heart

April 20, 2013

Don’t you hate it when you hear people telling their friends or even people they don’t know what to do and how to live their lives?  Geez!  I even find myself doing that every once in a while. Or, you may read a blog online that says, “Just open your heart” as if it is […]

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secrets to making yourself a holisitic healer?

April 19, 2013

When you look into your medicine cabinet or under your sink: what do you see? For most of you, the answer is chemicals,  synthetic products, poisons.  YUCK! Up until now, I believe we, as consumers, have been brainwashed into what to buy and certain products became so called ‘trusted household names’.   Nobody stopped to […]

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delicious raw kale, red pepper and avocado soup

April 18, 2013

Spring is here and that means we can eat soup chilled! As a raw foodie I love to source the freshest ingredients and make cold soups during Spring/Summer months. Soup is so simple, delicious and nutritious. Whether you are entertaining or just want something yummy waiting in your fridge, this soup is sure to please […]

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i have a secret that will change your life

April 17, 2013

I’ve Got A Have A Secret That Will Change Your Life And I Am Inviting You To Find Out What It Is.   Have you ever wished you didn’t have to run out to the doctor or Urgent Care, every time a virus ransacks your house? Have you ever wanted to create your own natural […]

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it’s time to get OUT OF HERE!

April 16, 2013

When was the last time you just booked a ticket, didn’t think twice and did something for you? In the Western world our idea of Holiday is the holidays appointed on our calenders. If you’re lucky you take a vacation once a year and that’s about as much time as you truthfully take for yourself. […]

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women want sex more than men

April 14, 2013

A girlfriend of mine caught me by surprise the other day while we were sitting at lunch. The conversation started out of nowhere when she began to express to me that she has no desire to ever marry.  She indicated the only thing she really needs from a man is sex, and that she doesn’t […]

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a really cool way to sanitize your toothbrush

April 13, 2013

No one likes stanky breath or wants rotten teeth, right?  So yes, I brush daily and hope the rest of you do too. Once I’m finished, my toothbrush goes in my drawer. From time to time I wash it out. But recently I heard about a friggin’ cool way to sanitize my toothbrush with one […]

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i know you want to look good naked, don’t you?

April 13, 2013

Come on.  Admit it.  You want to look good naked. Everyone does. Is that enough to make you set up an exercise regiment and STICK TO IT?  Or take what you eat into consideration? If not, why not?  Laziness?  Too much on your plate?  Don’t feel like dealing with it?  How important to you is […]

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