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a party with essential oils that will blow your mind and change your life

I’ve Got A Have A Secret That Will Change Your Life And I Am Inviting You To Find Out What It Is.

Have you ever wished you didn’t have to run out to the doctor or Urgent Care, every time a virus ransacks your house? Have you ever wanted to create your own natural products choosing natural aromas and blends of your liking? Have you ever wished that whatever you reach for in your medicine cabinet was holistic, natural, and not made in some pharmaceutical lab, rather from natural sources such as purely certified essential oils?

I know I did.

If you are anything like me— what you put in your body, wash your clothes with, what product  you use to clean your counters, what your children put into their bodies, and how you nourish yourself is of the utmost importance.


When you hear the phrase essential oils, you may think aroma therapy, or oils that smell good. You probably don’t realize the medicinal properties of essential oils and how using high grade oils in your home, to cook with, for health purposes, to fight a common cold, flu or other viruses, can be better for you AND have a greater level of effectiveness than most things you mindlessly reach for in your home.

Come take a look at what essential oils can do for you and the ways in which incorporating essential oils into your life can change your world for the better.

Essential oils have changed my life.

I have incorporated them into my daily routine. These oils have helped me with my digestive issues, altered the air I breathe, and turned me into a homeopathic doctor at home (before I reach for meds, I treat with oils).

  • I put doTerra lemon in my water every morning.
  • I rub Frankincense and Balance on my feet and belly every night to help me combat the stresses of every day life.
  • I use Digestzen to deal with IBS and other digestive issues.
  • I use Serenity, Roman Chamomile, Lavender and Breathe and night to sleep.

The benefits of essential oils are endless, and as people trying to find more holistic and natural ways to live life, you can’t miss out on this wisdom!

Join me Wednesday, April 3rd, at 7pm MST to learn about the amazing and healing benefits certified pure essential oils. I will be giving a detailed description of why I use essential oils and how they can benefit your skin, too.
RSVP HERE and then stay tuned there for sign up information. The last webinar overbooked. Space is limited, so make sure you keep an eye on the RSVP page over the next week for the webinar sign up. You don’t want to miss this!

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March 16, 2013