avocado salsa you will die for

My friend, Kelly, loves to cook and bake, and is always trying to find the best recipes for everything.

She loves avocados, probably more than I do, which is hard to believe!

I know you will absolutely love what I now call her Kelly’s Famous Avocado Salsa.



3 Hass Avocado’s (ripe)

1 box of Organic Cherry Tomatoes

1/2 Red Onion

A handful of Cilantro

Pinch of Sea Salt

2 Organic Limes

doTERRA essential lime oil

doTERRA essential cilantro oil

We  like to use doTERRA lime essential oil in the salsa for added richness. Depending on the strength of the lime taste, add 3 drops of doTERRA lime essential oil and 2 drops of doTERRA cilantro essential oil, mixe then taste. You be the judge in this category on what you prefer. I am a huge lime lover so add add both fresh limes (for the juice) and essential oil for the power and essence of the entire plant.


Cut the avocado into big chunks and place into a bowl. Cut cherry tomatoes in half. Dice red onion into small pieces, and dice up cilantro. Add essential oil and the pinch of salt and lightly mix. You want the salsa to be chunky and fresh, not mushed together to where you can’t tell what’s from what like guacamole.

If you would like to make your own homemade chips, buy whole corn tortillas and cut them into four quarters. Submerge the individual pieces into hot oil canola oil and fry until crispy. You want the tortillas to be crispy so that you can eat them like chips!

This is a great snack or party appetizer.  I’d love to hear how it turned out for you.  Please leave a comment in the box below.

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P.S. if you want to use THE BEST essential oils in your avocado salsa too,

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