How Long Can You Carry a Baby in a Carrier

How Long Can You Carry a Baby in a Carrier?

The carrier becomes a powerful tool for mothers to help their mother to look after the baby and do chores on hot summer days. However, not everyone knows how to use a baby carrier correctly and when to use it. Many mothers do not know how to use a carrier that will upset their baby. So how to choose the best baby carrier for summer? And how to use a carrier to make the baby most comfortable? Let’s refer to the following article!

When babies can use the carrier?

Infants around 1-month-old can use a carrier. The use of carrier will help parents quite a lot. However, it is limited by the height and weight of the baby. Infants only need to be at least 53cm tall and weigh at least 3.5kg to be able to use a carrier. However, according to foreign standards, the best carrier for the baby weighs about 11kg because heavier will cause discomfort for both mother and baby.

Besides, when the baby is heavier or the parents do not want to use a carrier, a stroller can be purchased for babies.

What are the consequences of using a baby carrier incorrectly?

Babies still don’t know how to speak, so sometimes parents use their carrier in the wrong way, making them uncomfortable without even knowing it. So when does a newborn baby carrier make a baby uncomfortable? That is when the mother used the wrong carrier and the wrong use will have a significant impact on the health and development of the child.

Incorrectly carrier a newborn can cause the baby to bend, scoliosis

Causing a child to suffer a neck injury

A carrier that cannot support the neck is very vulnerable to a neck injury. Therefore, I need to be careful when buying a baby carrier so that my neck area is supported but still most comfortable.

Affect the development of the hip bone because the child has to form too much leg or sit too long.

Children can suffocate

The reason that children are likely to suffocate is when the mother carelessly let her face bend over her chest or back. My neck is still weak so I can’t lift my face, which will cause me to block the airway leading to asphyxiation and death.

Cause a feeling of fear when the baby is a carrier

If the infant carrier is wrongly made to upset the baby, the next time parents use the child will be scared and dodged.

Children are hot, uncomfortable and uncomfortable

This is the harm of many cheap ham moms, so buy poor quality carriers. The child’s body temperature is inherently higher than that of an adult, if in the summer the carrier can make children uncomfortable hot or when the carrier is too tight, it can make it difficult for the baby to breathe.

Children can even fall and fall out of their carriers

Many parents who carry their babies but are engrossed in housework forget that their baby is on the carrier. Many times, the baby squirms a lot if it is not sure that the ties will slip off and endanger the child.

Instructions for proper use of infant carrier

Before using a carrier, parents should choose a suitable and quality baby carrier.

  • There are many types of carriers in the market with different quality and prices, so when buying, you should buy a quality product that will be good for your baby’s health. Make sure it is well ventilated and absorbent.
  • There are many types of carriers, but for babies, under 6 months of age because the head and neck are weak, choose a carrier posture than a sitting position.
  • Choosing an infant carrier should have a hard pad in it like support to support your baby’s head.
  • Depending on the size and weight of the child that parents should choose the appropriate type, should not be tight nor should be loose.

Here we will guide parents on how to properly carry the baby and help them stay comfortable and safe:

  • When the baby carrier has to be in front of the kangaroo chest, so it should be in the direction of the baby to see his parents face, he will feel safer.
  • When your baby is in a carrier, your baby needs to be leaning firmly against their parents but not letting their chin touch their chests because they will lose their sight of their parents’ faces.
  • Avoid placing your baby too low in the carrier as this can cause suffocation.
  • Do not let your baby in a crouched posture, chin touching chest (chin and chest are not too close to each other) because of airway effects.
  • Mother should also note that when carrying a newborn baby should not cook or exercise vigorously (jogging, cycling, driving, ..).
  • Keep an eye on your child to make sure he or she is not suffocating or that the temperature in the carrier makes him feel hot, uncomfortable.
  • Mom should not let the babysit in the carrier for too long because often children prefer parents cuddling with their hands.

The above article has helped mothers very clearly on how to choose a carrier and how to properly guide a carrier. Hopefully, moms can choose a suitable baby carrier for them to be comfortable with moms doing housework or going out.