How to Take Care of Skin After 50
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How to Take Care of Skin After 50?

Skin of people above fifty becomes lose because of the reduction in elasticity. The formation of collagen also reduces and this can lead to formation of wrinkles on various parts of face like forehead. Nobody likes wrinkles or any type of aging signs. There are many things that people aged over fifty can do with their skin to keep them healthy. One such thing is using best foundation for aging skin over 50. Some other things have been described here.How to Take Care of Skin After 50

Application of moisturizer

People need to apply sunscreen during the day when it is sunny or rainy. People should also use a moisturizer whose SPF should be 30 or more. This will protect the skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. These rays can also penetrate the skin in cloudy and cold weather. Sunscreen and moisture should be used under makeup. There is no need to apply sunscreen at night but people should use such cream that can moisturize the skin whole night. A rich night cream is the best solution.

Make with SPF

There are many moisturizers and foundations available in the market, which have SPF 30. These items also consistsof the ingredients that improve the skin in best possible way. Still, people need to apply sunscreen because if the moisturizer used has SPF lower than 30, it can result in skin damage due to ultraviolet rays especially if they have to work for long hours in the sun.

Application of sunscreen

There are many moisturizers that also come with sunscreen having SPF more than 30. If people are using a moisturizer in which sunscreen is not available, then people need to apply it after applying all the skin care creams and lotions. People must also know that sunscreen should be applied before the makeup. In other words, it can be said that sunscreen should be sandwiched between the makeup and the skin care lotions and creams.How to Take Care of Skin After 50

If the moisturizer does not have sunscreen, people need to apply eye cream and moisturizer and after that, they can apply primer. Foundation and other makeup should be applied after the application of primer. It is good to have a physical sunscreen with titanium or zinc oxide as they have the capability to block ultraviolet rays from entering. In the case of chemical sunscreen, it has the capability to absorb the rays. People need to choose between these two types of sunscreens and use that one that is suitable for their skin.

Cleanser should be used carefully

People need to select such a cleanser that makes their skin soft and keeps it clean. Some of these cleansers include bar soaps, milk foam, liquid soap, and many more. People should use micellar water that consists of oil and it lightly cleanses the skin and makes it soft. This type of cleanser is best for those who use light makeup.

In order to clean the face at nighttime, people need to use separate make removers. In such a case, wipes are the best solution. People must take care that all the makeup and sunscreen are cleaned before they are going to bed.

Exfoliation is necessary

People should not use the facial scrubs that consist of harsh particles. Such scrubs have the tendency to irritate the skin or may become abrasive. People can use exfoliation to dissolve the dead cells and fresh skin may appear in its place. The dead cells present on the outer surface of the skin makes it dull and give a dry look. People need to choose such a cleanser, which have creamy structure and is full of vitamin C. Exfoliation should be used once or twice a week to cleanse the skin and dissolve the dead cells.

Be aware of sensitivity

People should apply the cream and other skin products on the hand to check if they cause any harm to the skin. The skin may become red and itchy and some other problems may occur. Some people have sensitive skin and they can use only selected products to make their skin charming and youthful. People need to check the ingredients of each product. If one product has retinol and the other has vitamin C, use any one of them but not both. People can choose a product having vitamin C and a serum having hyaluronic acid. It is better to use products having vitamin C in the morning and retinol products at night. If skin is sensitive to a product, people need to use a serum and then the moisturizer.

Application of serums

Serums do not act as moisturizers. They are developed in such a way that people can resolve specific skin problems. The ingredients present in serums go deep inside the skin and resolve the issue. Serums are concentrated items and have a high amount of hyaluronic acid. Serums should not be applied on dry skin. It should be applied on wet and damp skin and after that moisturizer can be applied. Only one or two drops of serum are sufficient for the entire face.

Application of skin oils

Oils are different from serums but both of them work together on the skin. Serum can be applied under moisturizer and oil over the moisturizer. This gives a radiant look to the face. Fatty acids are present in facial oils which act as a barrier layer and there is no water loss. Oils can be used as a replacement for moisturizing creams and primers. People can also use the facial oil at night. Facial oils may have argan or maracuja. These oils are essential for the skin damaged by sun or dried skin.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the things that people can do in order to keep their skin healthy even after they have crossed the age of fifty. The skin will glow and it will retain its elasticity. People need to choose the products that are compatible with the skin. Incompatible products can cause redness, itching, and other types of problems. Skin should always be moisturized and sunscreen should always be applied during the day.