Must Have Gear for Going Hiking

A few essential gear can get through a hiking trip safely. Hiking is good way to experience nature and become more human. Smell in the clean air and think of thoughts you didn’t have. Do that with gear that helps your body stay in one piece. I found myself needing a few things when I go out there. Not a bunch of random jargon. Just a few things to help me get over the slips, streams, hunger, and random impacts. Protect me from the cuts and fears that pop up in the wild. Buy best water bottles for hiking as a start. Walking out there is a journey. A journey through God knows what. That’s why I created a little guide to help people like you know what gear they need to take.

Navigation Gear

Navigating is extremely important when your hiking through a forest. When you in those woods, your going to get lose like you have never been. Imagine being lost in a dungeon crawler game that has no standard line path. Now, I want you to take that imagination and times it by 2. That is what it feels like when you get lost in a forest. For any reason, make sure you have a compass, map, advice, directions, touch screen phone, car GPS, or outside GPS. You need at least one of these items. In all seriousness, you really need at least one of these items to survive out there in the woods. Getting lost is part of any trip you take in the woods. Though, if your just hiking in a clear path that has view of your car, I suppose you don’t really need it. But, take one those hiking tools anyway. You could use it later when your ready to step up and go hiking in the forest.

To expand, bring the best water bottles for hiking that you can. Being deprived of water affects vision. You won’t know which way is right because the trees look the same. Also, you go a little on the hopeless side. Consume water to fight your dark thoughts and keep your mind focused on navigating. Your mind must be focused on doing that. Always, keep it focused on completing the hike and finding a way back home. Scientist say water helps you think better. Does something with the flow of your inner soundwaves. Controls them to one point and keeps them focused. In the end, do everything you can to not get lost during the hike.

Flashlight With Extra Batteries

Bring a flashlight for every hiking trip. I know you think your going to be back before you the Sun falls. But, that never really happens the first time. On the first hike, you find yourself getting carried away. Bring in a extra set of batters for it too. When the Sun flickers between the cracks, is when you start wishing for more light. Do not be in that situation. Unfortunately, it could be very dark for you. Head out on that trip with a flash light. Everybody that comes with you also needs a flashlight. Not because the movies do it. Because your going to need a back up flash light in the dark. Meaning, you use one flashlight at first and make everyone huddle around you. Use the other flashlights when that one flash light runs out. The darkness makes navigating worse. Follow this procedure. Accordingly, be smart and bring a flash light.

A Handy Combat Knife

Bring out one of those combat knives for hiking. Be aware, its illegal to have a knife larger than 5 inches. So, if your going to carry a big knife then keep it a secret. 5 inches on a blade is bigger then you think. Now, might not need a combat knife. But, what happens when you come back from hiking and your stuff is gone. If you had that combat knife, you wouldn’t be that afraid. Atleast, you cold use it to hunt fish in the river to have something to eat tonight, or to protect yourself from a thief. Bring one along and you won’t regret later. To add, knives are a good way to open canned food. You might lose your can opener for some reason. Let’s say the thief took it while he took your tent. Pull out one of the cans in your backpack and use that knife. A knife is more useful than you think.

Items You Might Need for a Baby that No One Told You

Ok, it is your first baby and your happy about it. You want your boyfriend to be there in the whole process. Everything you buy needs to benefit the baby. The house needs to be spotless to welcome the baby. All your friends need to be nice or they will get left. Yes, it is very exciting to have a baby. Despite the excitement part, you need a few things to make sure your going to really last the entire baby adventure.

Pack Disposable Underwear

The pregnancy and afterbirth are going to get messy, so buy 50 underwear to support it. You don’t have to buy 50 packs of underwear, but it will help. When you are dealing with the baby, you are going to bleed a lot. This bleeding will mess up a large portion of panties you don’t want to get messed up. That’s a lot of money you don’t want to lose. So, I suggest you buy 50 panties that you don’t care gets bloody so you can make it through the whole baby adventure. Buy cheap panties at goodwill until you stop having babies. Buying the best postpartum undrerwear is also good. People will think you are being cheap while pregnant. But, the baby is the most important thing of your life now. You must do everything to keep it safe and you safe to take care of it.

Concerned with bleeding, wear some postpartum underwear. They are not just underwear. I thought they were too until I tried them on. They keep all the blood tucked inside. Every time you have a accident, you keep the blood inside and it never falls. Wear the best postpartum underwear to have higher life use. The underwear are fully disposable. Don’t concerned with pregnancy bleeding by wearing postpartum underwear.

Peri Bottle Spray for Irritated Vagina Area

Vagina can become irritated from time to time during birth. This can also happen after birth. Irritations will come from nowhere. The legs will catch something that just won’t go away. You will be tempted to scratch more often then I am willing to say publicly. Buy some peri bottle spray to keep the irritations under control. Make them seem like little flies. The spray stops scratches and helps you heal pains caused from birth. You will get the whole package when using peri bottle spray.

Drink Plenty of Caffeine to Get Rid of Headaches

The headaches will be there during your child adventure. You will get many headaches during the whole affair. Life will not stop happening. You will get a headache for this and a headache for a argument that makes no sense. Your body will cause you to have headaches for no reason. The baby will cry in the middle of night. Bills will get bigger for some reason. Consume coffee and make it your best friend. Caffeine has a way to keep the headaches down. Reduce the stress you feel from life sucking you. You will find your brain again and life becomes easier to deal with. Drink coffee and remember to stock up.

i used to be a bitch

It was 2002.  I was living in the City of Angels, trying to make it on my own.  My first stab at a career had ended.  Five years in the practice of law was all I could take.  I tried… Believe me, I tried. 

I started as a corporate Bankruptcy attorney and after two years of reorganizing Carolco Pictures (do you remember them? they did the Terminator and many more), I found myself intrigued with the world of Entertainment.  It’s Funny – most people relocate to Los Angeles to be involved in that world.  I had been there for 7 years already and it had taken me that long to bite. I’m glad I did.

It taught me a great lesson which I’m still in the process of implementing.


I took a job at Jersey Films. Not a good move, or so I thought at the time.  Here I had been thinking I was “moving up” on the career ladder and instead, I became a glorified assistant to an assistant.  The job sucked.,  AND I had taken a not so small pay cut for it.  Played the cards, lost the hand.  I moved on.

Next, I landed at E-Entertainment.  This job may actually have been worse.  Silly me.  I thought I had been hired as a L-A-W-Y-E-R who graduated cum laude from a prestigious school.  I guess not.  I found myself doing the same grunt work I had been doing 12 years earlier without a college degree or any prior work experience.

The mentality in Hollywood is that people are dying to be a part of their glamorous world and will basically work for minimum wage no matter how qualified they are.

Not me.

I was miserable.  Resentful.  Self-serving. I thought I deserved better. I was smart, educated and reliable.  So then why did I feel like a bottom sucking, worthless piece shit? To top it all off-not surprisingly- my first marriage was falling apart.

We always have a choice.  We can either tune in to the universe and accept the gifts it offers to us, no matter how disguised they may seem at the time, or we can fight and lose the battle.  I had no idea the universe had my back at the time so I fought it every step of the way.


Not on purpose, of course.  I really had no idea how poorly I was behaving…   But everyone else around me did.  No one liked me besides my family and my closest friends.   Honestly, I wonder now if they really liked me at the time, or were just putting up with me because they thought they had to.

So now here I was with no job at all, no husband, living in this crazy, intense city where everyone was out for himself, biting to survive.

At some point, I stopped sleeping.  Well-not completely.  I’d go to bed every night around 10pm and without fail, I was up at 1am.  It actually became a game I had with myself. I’d open my eyes, guess the time was 1:03am or 1:07am, look at the clock and smile that I could be that on track.  I’d be up until 4:00am, fall back asleep for an hour or two and then my blaring alarm would jolt me up again.  Perfect.  Exhausted and bitchy…  What a great combination to start the day.

At some point I scheduled an appointment with my doctor so I could beg for something to keep me asleep at night.  He knew me quite well. I had been there several times over the past few years with various maladies.  You name it.  Sinus infections, IBS symptoms, the flu.  If it came around, I got it.  It’s no wonder.

My body was a mess.  Undernourished in every sense of the word.  Overstimulated.  Completely stressed out.

Not that there is really any excuse to act like self-deserving, self-centered, thoughtless bitch, but when your body is not getting the nourishment it needs, how can you possibly give back positive, loving light?

I’d sit in that waiting room, staring at my watch, wondering how anyone could have the audacity to keep me waiting so long.  Didn’t he know I had places to go and people to see too? My time was just as important as his.  I made that perfectly clear to the assistant behind the desk.

Finally, I was seen and walked out with what I needed!    I was looking forward to sleeping through the night! But I was in for a surprise… It was more than the night I slept through.  I couldn’t drag myself out of bed after 14 or 15 hours.  My body was limp…  I had no energy.  No life.  No personality.  Not even my bitchy one.  I was sucked dry.

I thought I’d adjust to the medication but it continued for weeks.  My life wasn’t getting better.  It was getting worse. I was falling into emptiness.

I called up my doctor and asked him what he had given me.  I told him I could not function.  You know what I found out?  He had given me medication for a schizophrenic.  He thought I had a personality disorder!

Yes, I was unhappy.  Yes, I was a bitch.  But… the only personality disorder I had was that I had not yet tapped into my inner self.  I could not feel my heart.  I was not being nourished by the “primary foods” in my life that included so much more than I was actually putting in my mouth.

I needed love.  I needed guidance. I needed support. I needed compassion. I needed a nurturing relationship.  I needed a career I loved. 

Once I realized that, I took the steps I needed to make it all happen.

It’s taken me years to walk along the path I’ve been heading,  and I’m not saying I’m perfect.  God knows I’m far from perfect.  B Now, I am finally able to look at my destiny differently.  I will never again be “stuck” in a life I don’t want to be living.  Now I have a right to be happy.  I am allowed to write the fairytale I want my life to look like.  It’s up to me to create it.  No one is going to make my dreams come true, other than myself.  I know that if I send positive light out into the universe it will come back to me tenfold.

Best of all, when I lay my head down on my pillow at night, I can actually sleep through the night.

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it’s time to get OUT OF HERE!

When was the last time you just booked a ticket, didn’t think twice and did something for you?

In the Western world our idea of Holiday is the holidays appointed on our calenders. If you’re lucky you take a vacation once a year and that’s about as much time as you truthfully take for yourself.

What if you were to live your life by the seat of your pants and for the experience?


Not just to pay the bills?

What if you sat down and wrote out your life (with nothing holding you back) and you shifted your priorities.

What do you envision your happiness looking like?

Too many of us live to work instead of living to live.  And then then they end up miserable.

So what do you say?  Are you down on making a list?  Can you jot down what you really want to and make them a priority?

Pack your bags, your life is waiting!

What do you have to lose, but another week, doing the same old sh*t. Spice it up folks, and tell me what you did!  I’d love to hear your comments in the box below.

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simple tips and tricks you MUST teach your children

Our culture is ever evolving.  It is so important that we, as parents teach our little girls how to respect their beings.  We set the example.

  • What kind of relationship are you in?
  • Who are you attracting?
  • Who are you investing your time on?
  • How are you being viewed by others?
  • Do you respect yourself and your decisions?

Teach your children their self-worth by showing them yours.


These are simple and easy tips to teach your children.  Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below.

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i bet you need help getting motivated!

Do you ever sit there and think, What’s it going to take for me to get off my butt and do something about the body I want, the life I want, the career I want, the relationship I want?

You are not alone!

Part of what holds us back from doing what we want is NOT doing. We feel unmotivated, tired, over-worked, under paid, taxed…..the list goes on and on.

Motivation requires a shift in perspective. If you find yourself constantly whining about not getting what you want, take the requisite steps towards creating the life you desire, by getting off your bum and doing something!

Life is a process, it requires your participation.  You need to show up and start authoring it.  Guess what? You get to write the book!

So, now, what are you waiting for?!  Get up and don’t let excuses control your life!

I’ve given you a few inspirational tools for your toolbox.  I’d love to know how you plan to use them.  Please leave a comment in the box below.

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i need you, girlfriend!

A few days ago, I woke up with a stifling headache. I never get headaches. For quiet some time I walked around with this throbbing pain in my head until I was able to unload onto one of my girlfriends something that had been upsetting me for days. After I was able to vent, I realized that this headache had manifested in my body due to the stress of the situation I’d been obsessing about. If I hadn’t been able to feel heard and process what I’d been holding onto all week, the tension in my head most likely would have continued to exasperate.

Life is so hectic and busy that sometimes we’re unaware of how afflicted we are by the stresses of our lives. We are so programmed to ‘keep it together’ and pretend that we don’t experience things to the depth we do at times. It’s only when we have a platform to express our feelings that we understand what is going on within. No one in the world will listen to you and help you through the trenches of life’s murky waters like your girlfriends.


Girlfriends are the bread and butter of our sanity. Whether you women realize it or not women need other women. We all need to unleash and feel heard. A true girlfriend will listen to you, be your cheerleader when you need one, tell you to get your sh*t together when you’re out of control, and let you know when you can’t pull off the outfit you’re wearing anymore.

No one understands the mama drama we go through, frustrations with the opposite sex, or trails and tribulations like ‘the girls.’ So if having women in our lives is important why does it often seem so difficult to get together with our friends in a meaningful way? How do we get quality ‘girl time when life is so busy?

Men are usually fine processing their inner world in their cave. Or, maybe they don’t even process. Women, however, need to find outlets to stop the endless chatter in our brains and our girlfriends provide for that outlet in ways that our husband, boyfriends or partners cannot. Most men do not have the mental space to be our sounding boards. They may be listening to our “noise,” but instead of actually hearing us they hear Charlie Brown’s mom—wha wha wha wha wha wha in the background. Yep, that’s exactly what we sound like to them. Am I right ladies? When we talk, our men either ignore us because they can’t deal or they go into Mr. Fix It mode, wanting to solve our problems instead of just listening. They don’t realize what we really need is simply an ear and a little compassion.

Here’s the deal. If we want to have meaningful relationships with our girlfriends we need to make it a priority. We need to schedule it. And then – not flake. I know. It sounds so basic, but it’s not for most people. It’s easy to find a thousand reasons not to make the effort or to allow other things to take precedence. By “scheduling girl time” I don’t mean connecting on your morning jog when you’re racing to catch up with each other or attending a yoga class together.

I mean make time. 

Here are five virtually effortless ways to make your relationship with the women you love in your life a priority

· Girls Nights Out – the perfect way to catch up with those closest to you. Create a special time to get dressed up, feeling beautiful and go out for a night on the town with just the girls is so fun! You need it!

· Meet for lunch or tea – another fantastic way to get girl time. One hour of tea time can often be the remedy you need to catch up.

· Ever heard of Chick Swap? It’s where you take all the clothes you don’t want or wear anymore, gather all your female companions, unload and trade your threads. The clothes may not want in your closet anymore could be exactly what your BFF has been looking for and vice versa!

· Make plans with your girlfriend to attend a book reading or seminar on something uber-inspiring and then discuss afterward at your favorite sushi or raw food restaurant. This is a great evening to share your inspirations.

· Throw a theme party – Nothing brings the girls together like costumes and party favors. Dancing, laughing, having a ball. Sign me up!

Bottom line—-Girlfriends are the air we breathe. They make our lives a thousand times better and anything that makes our lives better is worth investing in and creating time for. As a life practice I am devoted to doing what makes me feel good. Girlfriends are just as important as anything else in life. Sitting for tea or lunch might be too much for most people with jammed packed lives, but where there is a will there is a way. Don’t cheat yourself on girlfriend time. Honor how good it makes you feel to cultivate those relationships and make it a priority. You need it and so does your girlfriend. Give her a call.