Must Have Gear for Going Hiking

A few essential gear can get through a hiking trip safely. Hiking is good way to experience nature and become more human. Smell in the clean air and think of thoughts you didn’t have. Do that with gear that helps your body stay in one piece. I found myself needing a few things when I go out there. Not a bunch of random jargon. Just a few things to help me get over the slips, streams, hunger, and random impacts. Protect me from the cuts and fears that pop up in the wild. Buy best water bottles for hiking as a start. Walking out there is a journey. A journey through God knows what. That’s why I created a little guide to help people like you know what gear they need to take.

Navigation Gear

Navigating is extremely important when your hiking through a forest. When you in those woods, your going to get lose like you have never been. Imagine being lost in a dungeon crawler game that has no standard line path. Now, I want you to take that imagination and times it by 2. That is what it feels like when you get lost in a forest. For any reason, make sure you have a compass, map, advice, directions, touch screen phone, car GPS, or outside GPS. You need at least one of these items. In all seriousness, you really need at least one of these items to survive out there in the woods. Getting lost is part of any trip you take in the woods. Though, if your just hiking in a clear path that has view of your car, I suppose you don’t really need it. But, take one those hiking tools anyway. You could use it later when your ready to step up and go hiking in the forest.

To expand, bring the best water bottles for hiking that you can. Being deprived of water affects vision. You won’t know which way is right because the trees look the same. Also, you go a little on the hopeless side. Consume water to fight your dark thoughts and keep your mind focused on navigating. Your mind must be focused on doing that. Always, keep it focused on completing the hike and finding a way back home. Scientist say water helps you think better. Does something with the flow of your inner soundwaves. Controls them to one point and keeps them focused. In the end, do everything you can to not get lost during the hike.

Flashlight With Extra Batteries

Bring a flashlight for every hiking trip. I know you think your going to be back before you the Sun falls. But, that never really happens the first time. On the first hike, you find yourself getting carried away. Bring in a extra set of batters for it too. When the Sun flickers between the cracks, is when you start wishing for more light. Do not be in that situation. Unfortunately, it could be very dark for you. Head out on that trip with a flash light. Everybody that comes with you also needs a flashlight. Not because the movies do it. Because your going to need a back up flash light in the dark. Meaning, you use one flashlight at first and make everyone huddle around you. Use the other flashlights when that one flash light runs out. The darkness makes navigating worse. Follow this procedure. Accordingly, be smart and bring a flash light.

A Handy Combat Knife

Bring out one of those combat knives for hiking. Be aware, its illegal to have a knife larger than 5 inches. So, if your going to carry a big knife then keep it a secret. 5 inches on a blade is bigger then you think. Now, might not need a combat knife. But, what happens when you come back from hiking and your stuff is gone. If you had that combat knife, you wouldn’t be that afraid. Atleast, you cold use it to hunt fish in the river to have something to eat tonight, or to protect yourself from a thief. Bring one along and you won’t regret later. To add, knives are a good way to open canned food. You might lose your can opener for some reason. Let’s say the thief took it while he took your tent. Pull out one of the cans in your backpack and use that knife. A knife is more useful than you think.